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Creation native forest for life, 2020

What's New

  • 27/Apr.
    We are to take care of trees which we planted on 14th of April, 2019, at the tree planting festival to celebrate Akira Miyawaki's comeback. The location is Tochikubo Sports Hiroba(Hadano city Tochikubo 589) begging at 14:30 on every second Saturday of each month. You can enjoy it without reservation and, of course, free. We are waiting for your participation!!
  • 17/Apr.
    Thanks to all of you, we successfully finished the tree planting-festival for Mr. Akira Miyawaki on 14th of April!!
    For more information is here
  • 1/Mar.
    14/Apr. Tree planting festival to celebrate Professor Akira Miyawaki's revival! Participation fee 1000yen for adult, 500yen for child including a lunch and shovel. The location is Tochikubo sports Hiroba(Tochikubo589 Hadano-city, Kanagawa-pref.) Contact to TEL:0463-81-1122, FAX:0463-82-1728 or email
    For more information is here
  • 19/Feb.
    14/Apr. 10:30~14:00@Tochikubo Hadano-city, Kanagawa-pref. We will hold the tree plant festival to celebrate Akira Miyawaki's revival, and also this event is linkd to the creation native forest for life, 2020. More information on the 1st of Mar. Wait for the next information.
  • 4/Apr.
    21/Apr/2018 Tree plant festival in Iwanuma city, Miyagi-pref. More details on the webpage.
  • 25/Nov.
    3/Dec/2017 Tree plant festival in Kirishima city More details on the webpage.
  • 25/Nov/2017
     Published our webpage. Thank you so much for your visit.