About “Creating Life Forest 2020”

“Creating native forests for life” is planting trees by the Miyawaki method.

  1. This means creating natural forests that survive until the next ice age, even after 1,000 or 10,000 years, without human involvement.
  2. Potted seedlings with well-developed root-systems of native forests are planted densely in a mixture of species and spaced randomly, in order to foster rapid growth through competition among the saplings.
  3. Weeds must be removed during the first three years, since it hinders seedling growth; after that the plants will grow successfully on their own, so the plantations are maintenance-free.
  4. Trees can be planted by local children and older people.
  5. The planting experience also plants life in the hearts of the people who plant the trees.

Such forests are called “Chinju-no-Mori,” which the Japanese have continued since ancient times to protect, expand and nurture their forests, This is a future-oriented project that can reproduce the process by the Miyawaki method and disseminate the results to the world.