Plantation Activity of Yamada Bee Farm Creating native forest for life 2020⤴ for future July 2023

Company name

Yamada bee Farm

Date of event


Place of event

Surroundings of Institute for Bee Products & Health Science, Yamada Bee Farm

Number of participants


Number of planted trees


Tree species

Evergreen oaks (Quercus myrsinifolia, Q. glauca, Q. salicina, Q. acuta), Castanopsis
sieboldii, etc. (50 species)

Participation of advisors

Yes (Prof. Dr. Kazue Fujiwara)

Activity targets, ideas, etc.

In addition to the general public, employees of Yamada Bee Farm and their
families participated. The trees were planted on the premises of Institute for Bee
Products & Health Science of Yamada Bee Farm, with 30 trees per person planting
approximately 3,800 trees.

We were able to deepen our understanding by having Prof. Fujiwara
explain the Miyawaki method of tree planting and the types of trees to be
planted at the beginning. In addition, leader training was conducted in
advance to train tree planting leaders. The participants were divided into 5
groups, and each group proceeded with tree planting under the guidance
of 2 leaders. By sorting the seedlings into 600 containers in advance so
that the seedlings would be of the appropriate species and ratio, we were
able to plant them evenly. Two types of containers with different colors
were prepared so that shrubs and medium-tall trees could be

Other comments

  • It miraculously did not rain, but after the rain it was hot and humid, and even
    though the soil were bad condition, both children and adults listened intently and
    worked hard to plant the trees.
  • Since June and July are hot and humid and the weather is impure, we felt that
    holding a tree planting ceremony in March and April would be appropriate.
  • In the future, we plan to regularly plant trees on land introduced by local

Contact person

Ichiba 194, Kagamino-cho, Tomada-gun, Okayama Pref., 708-0393 Japan
Susumu Hikami, Yamada Bee Farm


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