In the spring of 2020, the Miyawaki Method was introduced in the U.K., the Netherlands, France, and many other parts of Europe as a way to save the earth through afforestation. In Asia, many people inspired by Dr. Akira Miyawaki’s initiative are already planting trees using the Miyawaki Method.

On August 4th, “Creating Native Forest for Life 2020↗” was introduced to the world as an activity endorsed by the Japanese Ministry of the Environment under its “Let’s Connect and Support Forests, Rural Forests, Rivers and Seas” Project.

Creating Native Forest for Life 2020↗is an on-going ecological initiative by an association of people who are dedicated to the promotion of the Miyawaki Method. Its primary objective is to make certain that Dr. Miyawaki’s passion for afforestation and his method is shared and followed by many people throughout the world. Starting in 2020, the year of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, Creating Native Forest for Life 2020↗ will evolve into 2021, 2022 and beyond. Your continued support for this global project will be much appreciated.

Let’s forward the development of Mori, or the Forest originated in Japan to the world !
Let’s promote the sport festival held once in four years to the first year of developing the forest by global citizens.

The festival held once in four years

 The world sport festival will be held in Tokyo, 2020.
Japanese people have been planting the tree an developing the tutelary forest from time in memorial, preserving it

One hundred year of Meiji Jingu, or Meiji Shrine

  In 1920, the year of Taisho, Meiji Jingu, or Meiji Shrine was constructed at the site of Yoyogi. To construct the compound of the shrine, total young people of 110, 000 participants from all countries had worked through sincere labor service, collecting hundred thousands of trees from all over the countries to develop the Chinju-No-Mori, or the tutelary forest which will be kept on “ Thousands of years through millions of years” by selecting evergreen broad leaf trees inherent to the land, developing it

The year of 2020 is the 1300th year of Nihonshoki, or the Chronicle of Japan

  In Nihonshoki, or the Chronicle of Japan, there had been described the story in which Susano-o-no-mikoto and his son, Iso-takedakesi-no-kami had spread seeds to all the mountains full of green trees.
  Since the time in memorial, Japanese people had held the culture to be boasted to the world where we planted the trees and took care of the environment sound.

  We plan to launch the project of dispatching the process and results Dr. Akira MIYAWAKI had developed Inochi-No-Mori, or the Forest of Life, in which over 40 million of trees had been planted in 1,700 places domestically and globally, in the name of
“Development of Inochi-No-Mori, or the Forest of Life, Akira MIYAWAKI’s Tutelary Forest to the world in 2020” through the grass rooted movement by all citizens.

  Dr. Akira MIYAWAKI has recovered almost perfect, who had lost a part of good physical conditions before, to perform planting the trees now.

  Developing the Inochi-No-Mori, or the Forest of Life, is a project forwarding to th future, in which Japanese people can dispatch the process and results to the world in the name of “Development of Chinju-no Mori” through that Japanese people had kept, as well as preserving the forest, expanding and growing it.
  In the event of sport festival held once in four years, all citizens living worldwide plant trees to develop the forest inherent to the land to preserve the lives of all citizens worldwide for each members, yourself and your loving person, your neighbors, all wildlife to survive, that means maintaining the minimum ecosystem locally and worldwide, understanding that it is the right and most pertinent measure for human beings on this green planet, the earth, to survive in the future, as well as extending steadily.
  For pursuing this goal, we ask all enterprises, organizations, persons, who were involved in the event of planting more than 40 million of trees in 1,700 places, to make our own plans and manage, planting small trees through sweating and touching the ground together in the year of Tokyo 2020.
  The result and its know-how will be dispatched from Tokyo to the world in the event of Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

  This is the Movement to develop Inochi-no-Mori, or the Forest of Life by Dr. Akira MIYAWAKIAkira MIYAWAKI


Inquiries: Inochi-No-Mori dukuri
C/O Izumo Taisha Sagami Branch
1221 Hirasawa, Hadano-city, Kanagawa, Japan (Zip.257-0015)
Caretaker Kiyokazu Kusamayama