14/Apr/2019 Tree planting festival to celebrate Professor Akira Miyawaki’s revival!

Participation fee 1000yen for adult, 500yen for child including a lunch and shovel. The location is Tochikubo sports Hiroba(Tochikubo589 Hadano-city, Kanagawa-pref.) Planning to plant 3000 trees by the way of Professor Miyawaki with estimated 300 persons.

Access: You can use the free bus from the south exit, Shibusawa station of Odakyu line. The time schedule is 8:20、9:20、10:20. It will take 10 minutes from the Shibusawa station ou 15 minutes from the Hadano station by car. Put the location name Shinseiji temple on your car navigation system, or you also have another option to use the free bus from the Izumotaisya-sagamibunshi at 8:30, or 9:20.

Program:①Opening ②Introduction of sponsers ③Instrucions for tree planting by Prof.Miyawaki ④Tree planting by everyone ⑤Lunch~Shibusawa shirne festival ⑥Let’s talk with Prof.Miyawaki ⑦Closing