Year 2019 YSP & STA Joint tree planting activity

Company name

SANGO Thai Automotive Parts

Date of event


Place of event

STA Chachoengsao Province, Thailand

Number of participants


Number of planted trees


Tree species

Shorea roxburghii G. Don, Afzelia xylocarpa (Kurz) Craib, Pterocarpus macrocarpus, Calophyllum inophyllum L., etc.

Participation of advisors


Activity targets, ideas, etc.

  • The first YSP and STA joint event in which the environment sections of both companies prepared in advance and cooperated to organize the event.
  • During the time Professor Fujiwara Kazue visited STA in June, we received suggestions to plant a variety of tree species in the area, so we mixed the seedling pots before we let the participants plant the trees.
  • We prepared the seedling pots that are the local species of the Banpho area, which were advised by Professor Miyawaki and Dr. Sirin when they had on-site visits in 2012.

Other comments

Not only employees but 76 people from their family members also joined the activity. The event was held in large scale where two companies could create a bond in between.

Contact person

(Thai) YS PUND / Mr. Takeya Koji, ; SANGO Thai Automotive Part / Mr. Asada Norihiko,

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