Morizukuri–Tree Planting Event

Company name

Toyota Motor Manufacturing, MS, Inc.

Date of event


Place of event

TMMMS 1200 Magnolia Way, Blue Spring, MS 38828

Number of participants


Number of planted trees


Tree species

Swamp Chestnut Oak, Water Oak, Shumard Oak, Cherrybark Oak, White Oak, Durand Oak, Chinkapin Oak, Chickasaw Plum, American Beautyberry, Black Cherry, Buttonbush, Common Persimmon, Switchgrass Plugs, Indiangrass Plugs, Big Bluestem Plugs

Participation of advisors


Activity targets, ideas, etc.

Local Special Olympics athletes were invited to participate in tree planting. We decided to dig holes in advance to ensure timely completion of planting.

Other comments

Will use drone to monitor progress of planting area over the next 5 years.

Contact person

Rachel Parks/Sean McCarthy; 662-317-4211 / 662-317-4109; ;